Freddie Harrel


Freddie Freddie Freddie… where to even begin! I’d say this was one of the most cosmic, meant-to-be client turned friendships I’ve had to date. Freddie is a well known London based blogger and influencer, stylist, speaker, and all around badass woman. It was during the summer of 2016 that I started following her Instagram account, and to my surprise, the very next day I saw her walking down the street in Carouge (and there’s no mistaking Freddie Harrel, it was 100% her!). I thought that was a strange coincidence, and a few months later after realising that she was indeed living in Carouge too, she posted that she was looking for a photographer.

I wrote to her without too much hope, assuming she’d have hundreds of propositions from other photographers (thanks to her 100,000 followers!), but a few days later she showed up at my flat, with her three month old son Hugo, and we hit it off. We were both in this exciting moment of wanting to get our businesses growing and so we started working together taking photos for her blog.

Since then she’s continued to take over the world.. just follow her and you’ll see what an incredible powerhouse she is, on top of being the most genuine and sincere person ever (can you tell I miss her?!). She and her husband and son moved back to London after just a few months after we started shooting together, but we had some fun shoots together.

Here are some highlights from our work together. Miss you, Freddie!

instagram: freddieharrel