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Hello again! I’m very excited and proud to share this exciting project! We completed this branding session (photography and website) a while ago but it’s taken me ages to sit down and post about it.

This project (like most of my work, to be honest) holds a special place in my heart. I met Ashley of Milk+Yoga when my first son was born in 2015. Both expat Americans living in Geneva with late fall babies, we connected instantly over all the things new moms do, but we also shared so much more. Ashley was the person I would message at 3:00 am when I’d had zero sleep, my baby was screaming, and my patience was running thin. She would respond immediately, and we would laugh, sending selfies to each other of our tired faces and disheveled hair in the darkness of night and laugh about how we couldn’t hardly recognize ourselves, as both our babies were, well, constantly awake. She helped to keep me grounded through those hazy, sleep deprived first few months (and still does nearly four years later!).

Now Ashley is serving new mothers in a similar way, helping them find the confidence in themselves and their bodies, and supporting them through those tough moments when many women feel as though they don’t have anyone to hold them up. She has worked as a yoga instructor for many years and now focuses on yoga for women and mothers, prenatal, and postnatal. She is also a certified doula and breastfeeding specialist (which there are few of in Geneva) and is working to help mothers overcome what can sometimes feel like an impossible job of successfully feeding a baby without judgement, guilt or pain. She offers prenatal doula counseling as well to help future moms learn about what the experience of birth can be like, and how to approach it in a positive way.

We worked together to develop her brand image through clean and crisp photography and a minimal and fresh website to showcase all that she has to offer. Have a look at her site linked below to see more of the site design and photos we created together.


instagram: milkandyoga


*special thanks to HertelTan for the studio space!

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