Sofia Clara


If you follow any local Swiss bloggers, you’re sure to have heard of the very adorable and very talented Sofia Clara.

She’s a creative powerhouse and lifestyle blogger who spreads beauty and creativity everywhere she goes. She’s well known in Lausanne for her stylish contributions to two popular Lausanne restaurants, Le Pointu and Loxton. Both places are infused with her signature cozy and inviting interior decoration as well as special weekend brunch menus with her own personal recipes. With the aim of promoting “a happy handmade and homemade way of life”, her popular blog is full of pretty inspiration, including yummy recipes, loads of DIY projects, interior decor vlogs, and fun lifestyle posts.

I had followed Sofia for a few years on instagram, and always identified with her clean, bright and sometimes flowery aesthetic. We chatted over instagram (as you do these days!) as we had both worked with some of the same local entrepreneurs and shared some common ground. When we finally met, we chatted for ages about all things creative and entrepreneurial, and decided we would make a great team, as we seemed to share a similar taste and eye for aesthetics. She has since become a dear friend, and a wonderful supporter of my own creative endeavors. It’s such a blessing to be able to work with other freelancers who understand the struggle, the hustle, and the beauty of being self employed and living that creative life!

Over the past few months, I’ve helped Sofia to create visual content for her already gorgeous website and instagram feed, by photographing some of her interior decor work, DIY blog posts, partnerships and so on. It’s always the highlight of my week to get to travel back to Lausanne, where I used to live, and spend the afternoon shooting fun projects together (admittedly- with lots of tea breaks, chatting and laughs… it’s a miracle we get things done!). Keep an eye out for what’s to come from her, she’s always turning out something new and fabulously charming!

Here is a little selection of some of my favourites from the last few months, a little glimpse into the world of Sofia Clara.


instagram: sofia.clara